Utah Counties Premier and Oldest running Lacrosse Club.

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We try and add to this as often as possible. If you need to know something that is not on this please email us and we will get the answer for you.


Q: How often does the Team have tryouts?
A: Team Six holds tryouts every January. We have to commit early to some of the top tournaments, so we hold them in January, so we know that level of players we have and best match them to the tournaments. It also allows us to order the custom gear we use during the season.  We also hold a smaller tryout in November for late comers that want to play in the winter. If you don't make one of those contact us and we can talk.

Q: When and where does Team Six practice?
A: Team Six holds practice in the summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Oak Canyon Junior High School in Lindon. Tuesdays are for all the teams and Thursdays is just for the RISE team.  During the winter Team Six practices at Provo Peaks Arena on Saturday mornings as a group. 

Q: What is the difference between the two teams?
A:  Frankly, Team Six R.I.S.E. is designed to give critical feedback and intensive direction so that players and know the game of lacrosse not just play in tournaments, The use these skills to participate in tournaments to hone those skills. We are all about getting players prepared to make an impression in high school and college.
The intent is to take up to 25 players and keep them together as a team through their 9th-grade year and have them ready to be a varsity player in their freshman season. Team Six RISE requires a higher commitment level from the players.  The RISE team is an invitation-only team.
Team Six Club is for players that need more development to move to the higher level.  

Q: How far do the teams travel to play?
A: The majority of the tournaments are local (Wasatch Front). Team Six will take specific teams to Colorado, Las Vegas, and Idaho from time to time.

Q: Does Team Six conflict with my sons Fall and Spring team play?
A: There might be some overlap from time to time because every youth team and its coach is a little different but as a general policy we try to not conflict with the clubs. we play in the Summer and the Winter.

Q: What are the costs associated with team Six?

A1: Team Six Club is a yearly cost of $495. includes:
-Practice Fees
-Custom Shooter Shirt
-Field equipment expenses and fields rental
-Coach stipends and travel expenses
-Admin and processing fees
-Practice facilities in the winter and some summer.
Team Six Club Does not include any tournament fees, travel or lodging costs for tournaments and events if you need a uniform to add $65.00 (Pinnie and shorts). We will use the same uniform styles from last year. After the first week, all fees are non-refundable.
A2: Team Six RISE is a yearly cost of $1380. IThis includes:
REMEMBER this Includes all calendered event costs*:
- All-tournament player fees*
- Practice Fees
- Custom Team Bags
- Custom Shooter Shirt
- Custom Team Hat
- Custom Penni 
- Custom Shorts
- Field equipment expenses and rental
- Coach stipends and travel expenses
- Admin and processing fees
- Practice facilities in the winter and some summer
The team fee does not include travel and lodging costs for tournaments and events. 

Q: What are my options to pay for the team fees?
A: During registration, you can pay through PayPal. You can mail a check to the address at the end of registration. Monthly Plan if needed only for the RISE team.  $495.00 initial and $177.00a month (paid in 5 monthly installments). For both teams after the first week, all fees are non-refundable.

Q: Don't you just want all the players to be in the top teams and PAY the money?
A: Yes, Team Six does want all the players in the top team but because they belong there. The Club team is different than the regular seasonal teams that kids play on. We are trying to build teams that are strong because they understand lacrosse. Our drive is to advance players the right way, because of this we cannot put everyone into the same group. So a player will be placed on a team based on his level of lacrosse not how much we can charge.

Q: We don't want to pay the money for the RISE teams.
A: No worries, we always send out a parent questionnaire for new players asking if they want to pay the fees or not. That way if a parent does not want to spend the fees we will issue a different invitation, so the family isn't put in a bad position.

Q: What if we can't make all the tournaments listed? 
A1: If you are a Club player, then it won't matter because you pay for the tournaments you play in. 
A2: If you are a RISE player, then you will miss out on the tournament. We base our teams on you coming. You may miss some, but you get the additional training and events too.

Q: What is the 2019-20 tournament schedule?
A: Like every year there are tournaments that we have enough players for and some we do not so we have to cancel. This is the current proposed schedule. These events may change at any time.
Date                                Event
Feb 22,23th                    Best of the West
June 13th -14th              Aloha Tournaments
June 17th-19th               Vail Lacrosse Tournament
June 22                           Patriot Games
June 28-29th                  Skitown Shootout
July 10th-11th               Legends Western Invitational
July 17-18th                  Westcott Shooting
  July TBA                     All-American Defensive Camp    
October 26th                  Rendevous
Nov 8th-9th or 15th-16th    Encore Lacrosse

Q: If you are already on Team Six do you have to try out?

A: Yes, we hold tryouts every season and all the player's tryout for the teams.